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Our Crescent Beach site is open Friday through Sunday 10:00-4:00 during July and August. If you would like to paddle with us outside of these times please visit us at our main site, located on the East End Beach in Portland, where we are open daily May through September.

More info about our Crescent Beach Site:

Enter the park for free! If you make an online reservation with Portland Paddle the entrance fee to enter the park (normally $8 per person) is included. Just show your reservation at the gate and you won’t have to pay.  Please note that there is sometimes a line at the gate, so it may take a few minutes to enter.

We offer paddleboard & kayak rentals and sea kayak tours!

The waters along Crescent Beach provide a wonderful environment for a paddle! You’ll view the gorgeous coastline from a completely new perspective, get some exercise and glide across the waters near the beach looking out for seabirds and seals. There are often small waves breaking on the beach, so prepare to get wet while launching!

PLEASE NOTE: Maine’s coastal waters are cold year-round and feature swift currents, boat traffic and rapidly changing conditions. You are responsible for your own safety when renting.

Rentals and Tours