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Gear Rentals

Quick Details

Overnight Camping Gear Packages Available for 1, 2, 3, or 4 People
Rentals included with Kayak/SUP Rental: 1 each of PFD, Sprayskirt, Dry Bag, Paddle

Rent the gear you need for your Maine adventure!

We rent camping gear, wetsuits, drysuits and paddling accessories.

We have lots of options to choose from but the supplies of these items are limited, so we suggest making reservations by clicking on the book now button. If you are joining one of our multi-day guided trips most of the gear you need is typically included in the cost of the trip!

Wetsuits & Drysuits

We have a large supply of rental wetsuits and a more limited supply of drysuits. These two types of apparel work differently to keep you warm. Wetsuits are designed to warm up a thin layer of water between the neoprene and your skin. Drysuits keep you dry and maintain a pocket of warm air between you and the shell of the suit.

The NRS Explorer drysuits we rent are “semi-dry” because they have neoprene neck gaskets that may allow in a small amount of water if you are submerged. These drysuits are good for most kayaking purposes, but they are not suitable for diving.

For information on drysuit sizing visit this page.

Assorted Paddling Gear

To reserve any of these items click on the book now button, select the date you’d like your rental to start and the number of each item you’d like. We’ll get back to you quickly to confirm your reservation. All paddling gear rentals have a base cost, then are $5 per additional day. For most paddling gear the base cost is $10, for dry bags and paddling socks/booties the base price is $5, for VHF radios the base price is $20. Click the drop down menu below for a complete pricing chart.

Camping Gear

We have a limited supply of camping gear that we rent when these items are not being used for our guided trips. To request a reservation of any item please click the book now button, select the first day of your rental and the number of each item you would like. Items can be booked a la cart, or in packages.

Sleeping Pad – $15/night

Sleeping Bag – $20/night

Tent – $30/night

Cooking kit – $30/night (good for up to 4 people, includes stove, fuel, 1 or 2 pots, utensils, mugs, bowls, and 6-liter water bladder)

Camping Gear Packages

For one person ($85 + $42.50 per additional night)

Includes: two-person tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, fuel, pot, bowl, mug, utensils, 6-liter water bladder.

For two people ($110 + $55 per additional night)

Includes: two- or three-person tent, 2 sleeping bags, 2 sleeping pads, stove, fuel, pot, 2 bowls, 2 mugs, utensils, 2 6-liter water bladders.

For three people ($140 + $70 per additional night)

Includes: three- or four-person tent, 3 sleeping bags, 3 sleeping pads, stove, fuel, 2 pots, 3 bowls, 3 mugs, utensils, 2 6-liter water bladders.

For four people ($175 + $87.50 per additional night)

Includes: four-person tent, 4 sleeping bags, 4 sleeping pads, stove, fuel, 2 pots, 4 bowls, 4 mugs, utensils, 2 10-liter water bladders.