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Want to get your children or the whole family out on the water? We have a number of options for you!

Paddling is a wonderful activity for the whole family to enjoy! The dynamic environment of the ocean poses certain risks however, so it is important to keep safety foremost in mind when bringing little ones on the water. Here at Portland Paddle we have a number of experiences designed specifically to ensure children ages 7 and up can have a great time paddling on the water! Unfortunately, we do not have options at this time for children younger than 7 years old. 

Paddle Camp

Our Paddle Camp offers two different ways for water loving kids to immerse in nature, learn new skills, make friends, and have fun! For ages 8-12 we offer a day camp which will expose students to both kayaking and paddle boarding, as well as spend time exploring the coasts and islands near our East End Beach and Crescent Beach locations. For ages 12-14 we offer an expedition camp, where students will learn the skills to conduct their own island kayak camping trip. After two days of camp we will head out to the islands for a four day expedition!

Family Sea Kayak Tour

Our Family Sea Kayaking Tour is designed just for families with children (ages 7+). We keep the group size small, often staff with extra guides, and take a relaxed pace, so that even our youngest participants can have a great time! For families with slightly older kids (ages 10+), we recommend our Fort Gorges tour.  Kids love exploring the fort, and the paddle there is exciting for all ages! All participants younger than 12 are paired in a tandem sea kayak with an adult during all of our tours. 

Rentals with Kids

Taking out a child in a tandem kayak is a great way to introduce them to paddling. These boats are much more stable than solo kayaks, and you don’t need to worry about your child drifting away or moving at a totally different pace than you.   We also have youth specific kayaks, which are an excellent way for kids to begin building a sense of independence in kayaks when paddling in the shore zone! On calm days, paddleboards are another great option for families with children, though it’s important to keep everyone together in a group.

Custom Paddling Experiences for Families

We also have a complete collection of private lessons, tours, and multiday tours, which allow us to create a custom experience for your family! Check out some of the options below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! For details on our age policies, please see the FAQ here

Our Youth and Family Programs