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Multi Day Rentals & Deliveries

Rent Kayaks, SUPs, Canoes or Camping Gear for Multiple Days


We offer multiday rental options for all of our gear all year long. Rentals can be picked up from either of our locations (East End Beach in Portland, or Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth), and we can arrange delivery as well. Not sure what kind of paddlecraft is best for your needs? Check out our blog post here!

  • Week-long rentals receive free delivery within 15 miles of East End Beach (see below for more details)
  • Multi-day renters receive a discount on a private sea kayak rescue lesson if scheduled to take place before or during their rental. When bookig your multi-day rental there will be a check box to add on the lesson. We will then be in touch with you for scheduling.

Planning to rent sea kayaks for an island camping trip? We can help you plan.

Our Trip Planning Package offers you the support of our expert guides as you plan a trip on the Maine coast that’s just right for your group. You also get

15% off rentals and 10% off gear purchases, so it’s easy to make up the cost of the package with those savings.  We rent a wide range of paddling accessories and camping gear in addition to kayaks, SUPS and canoes.

We also offer Guided Rentals – perfect for the experienced camper able to provide their own meals and camping equipment but who is either new to sea kayaking, doesn’t want to transport their own sea kayak and gear from away, or who wants the increased safety and added depth a guide can provide on an open ocean paddling trip!

Be Prepared & Take Safety Seriously

Keep in mind that the waters off the Maine coast can be extremely dangerous, especially in areas with little protection from the open ocean. Before taking our boats or SUPs on any body of water, you should be aware of the weather conditions and have a basic knowledge of the risks associated with the area in which you’re paddling. Ask us for advice about good spots to paddle. We will only rent to groups that take safety seriously and understand the real risks involved. Capsize recovery skills are essential for paddling on open waters.

Youth Kayaks

We have a selection of youth kayaks which are specifically sized for kids to give them comfort, confidence, and independence paddling their own boats alongside the adults. Our youth kayaks are sit on top to provide easy entry and exit, with multiple foot placement options for a variety of leg lengths, and are able to support up to 130 lbs (though we typically recommend staying well below a boat’s weight limit). These boats are excellent choices for gentle rivers, sheltered bays, lakes in calm conditions, and near shore adventures for children ages 7 to 12. Perfect for a week long summer getaway at the beach or lake!

Free Deliveries for Week-Long Rentals

We offer free deliveries within 15 miles of our site when you rent for a full week!

If you would like your rental to be delivered you will have a chance to check that option when booking. There will be no fee for this if you rent for a week and the delivery is within 15 miles of the East End Beach in Portland. Otherwise the fees listed below will be added.

a car parked in a parking lotOur weekly rental rates offer greater value than our daily rates and include free delivery. Even if you are not planning to use our kayaks or SUPs for a full week, it may make more sense to book a weekly rental to take advantage of this value. You do not have to keep the items for the entire rental period if you do not want to, though we cannot give refunds for early pickups. As with all our rentals, we’ll provide the basic gear you’ll need, including paddles, lifejackets and dry bags.

Delivery to the Islands

We can arrange for kayaks & SUPs to be delivered to most of the islands serviced by Casco Bay Lines ferries. We will charge you the ferry’s round trip freight charges of $15 to $35 per boat/board (this fee covers the round-trip). The kayaks/SUPs will be delivered to the island’s ferry terminal, and you will be responsible for picking them up there and bringing them to wherever you plan to paddle. Please make sure you have an appropriate place to store the kayak/SUPs overnight.

Delivery Fees for Short-Term or Far-Away Rentals

  • Deliveries Beyond 15 miles of Portland Paddle: $3 per mile beyond 15 miles
  • Deliveries for Rentals of Less Than One Week: $50 (we generally do not make deliveries for rentals lasting less than one full day)
    *Both of the above fees apply if you are renting for less than a week and need delivery beyond 15 miles