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Expedition Skills Weekend Workshop

Quick Details

Expedition Skills Weekend Workshops

Gain the Skills & Knowledge Needed for a Sea Kayak Expedition

This workshop includes an overnight trip to an island campsite on the Maine Island Trail — a perfect way to learn how to plan a sea kayak trip!

Expedition Weekend focuses on the process of planning and executing longer distance sea kayak tours. Students will spend the first morning planning a route to an island in Casco Bay that the group will camp on that night. Along the way, students will gain experience with key expedition skills, including effectively packing a kayak, meal planning, emergency equipment and communications, gear repair, efficient long-distance paddling technique and more. The group will spend the night camping at an island campsite. Dinner and breakfast are included in the price of the trip, students are asked to provide their own lunch for each day. Tents are also available at no cost for students who need one, and sleeping bags and pads are available for a small fee. This weekend is the perfect way to dip your toes in the water of multi-day touring!

Please Note: This is an overnight workshop that includes one night of camping. We will begin at 9am the first day and aim to finish by 4pm the second day.