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Intro to Stand-Up-Paddleboarding

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+

Learn the basics of stand-up paddle boarding, an exciting way to  explore Maine’s waterways!

This course offers an introduction to stand-up paddling (SUP), an exciting way to explore Maine’s waterways. Some people love SUP because it offers a great core workout, others find it a great way to spot wildlife, to surf waves or just have fun on the water. This course is designed to introduce anyone who’s fairly new to SUP to the many sides of the sport. No prior experience needed. We’ll start on shore learning proper paddle grip, paddling posture and techniques for getting on and off a paddleboard. Once we’re on the water, we’ll cover board balance and strokes that help you move swiftly and maneuver effectively. We’ll also go for a brief paddle along the shores of Casco Bay.  The lesson will last roughly 1.5 hours and then you’ll be offered the chance to paddle on your own for another 30 minutes. Ages 16+ only; we suggest scheduling a private lesson for younger children.