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Trip Planning Package

Let us Plan Your Self-Guided Sea Kayaking Trip!

Quick Details

Our trip-planning service pairs you with an expert Maine sea kayaking guide to help you plan a trip that’s customized just for your group. And it comes with 15% off all gear rentals, and 10% off gear purchases. 

Planning a successful sea kayaking trip on the Maine coast requires lots of knowledge of the local environment. It also involves handling lots of logistics, including finding the right campsites, getting the necessary gear, accessing the best launching and landing sites, parking vehicles overnight and arranging any needed transportation or resupplies. Failing to have a good plan for any of these details could make your trip a lot less enjoyable and potentially more costly. 

Our trip-planning service is designed to ensure that your trip is planned by somebody who knows how to create the best experience possible for you. As they create a custom trip they’ll take into account your experience level, your interests, your budget, the group size, any gear needs and any specific regions of the coast you’d like to paddle. Every trip we create is unique. And since Maine has thousands of miles of coastline and hundreds of islands for camping, the possibilities are endless.  

Our Trip Planning Package

$55 for 2-day trip (one night camping)

$95 for 3-day trip (two nights camping), plus $25 per additional day 

What’s Included 

After you complete a questionnaire about your trip and pay the fee you will receive each of the following: 

  • A Trip Guidebook emailed to you (as a PDF) that includes: 
    •  A suggested itinerary, with launching and landing sites, campsites, recommended spots to visit along the way
    • An alternative itinerary to have as a Plan B
    • A course plotted on a nautical chart 
    • Description of potential hazards along your route 
    • A recommended packing list for both sea kayaking gear and camping gear
    • A list of local resources that may be useful, including restaurants, marinas, emergency contacts, ferry services, outfitters, etc. 
    • Notes of interest and tips on the region you’ll be paddling, including information on wildlife, history, local culture, etc. 
  • A phone call with your trip-planning guide (up to 30-minute) to discuss your trip and revise your plan as needed 
  • An in-person or phone conversation on the day before your trip (up to 15 minutes) to discuss the weather forecast and any last minute planning details. 
  • A code you can use for 15% off all gear rentals for your trip, including kayaks and camping gear   
  • A code you can use for 10% off all gear purchases for your trip 

Trip Planning Package Includes 15% Off All Gear Rentals 

When you purchase our trip-planning package you get 15% off rentals of any of the following items:

Sea Kayaking Gear

Sea kayaks (rental includes paddle, PFD, sprayskirt, bilge pump, paddle float, 1 dry bag) 

  • Wetsuits 
  • Drysuits
  • VHF marine radios
  • Additional dry bags 
  • Deck compasses
  • Tow bags

Camping Gear

  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sleeping pads
  • Camping stoves
  • Cookware kit 
  • Water dromedaries 
  • Overnight Gear Package (includes all the above) 
  • Tarps