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ACA Skill Assessments

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We Offer American Canoe Association Skills Assessments for Sea Kayaking 

ACA Assessments offer a way for a person to confirm that they have achieved a certain level of competence. It can be useful in many situations to be able to point to an assessment as proof of your skill level. For instance, you may need an ACA assessment to apply for certain jobs, rent kayaks at some outfitters, participate in some events, or enroll in ACA workshops and instructor certification programs. Assessments also provide you with an objective, third-party review of your skill set, helping you to assess what paddling conditions you can handle and where you might need improvement. 

These assessments can be arranged for individuals as well as for organizations. Schools, camps, outing clubs and other groups often arrange ACA assessments to ensure all participants have a consistent baseline of skills and knowledge.

ACA members who complete an assessment will receive a certificate proving that they have met the criteria necessary and completed the assessment. Please visit the ACA website for additional details regarding what each level involves. 

2024 Scheduled Assessments

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