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Roughwater Rescue Clinic

Quick Details

Paddler Ages 15+

Hone your rescue skills in roughwater conditions along the coast of Cape Elizabeth!

Most sea kayakers learn rescue techniques in calm conditions, but when you actually need to use a rescue it’s likely you’ll be exposed to waves, winds and currents. This half-day training, led by our most experienced instructors, offers kayakers the opportunity to practice rescues in challenging conditions. It’s also an opportunity to gain comfort paddling in roughwater. We’ll venture into some areas near Richmond Island were we’re sure to find breaking waves, rocky coastline and ocean swell. Instructors will build on students’ knowledge of basic rescue techniques by modeling advanced or alternative methods of rescuing paddlers in rough seas. Everyone will get plenty of opportunities to practice rescues and instructors will also help students improve their roughwater boat handling. This course is appropriate for intermediate- or advanced-level paddlers. Students should be very comfortable with wet exits and T-rescues before participating in this course.

Course meets at Portland Paddle’s Crescent Beach State Park location. We encourage students to use their own kayaks for this course, but there is no additional charge if you need to use one of ours.