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Intro to Sea Kayaking, Part 2

Quick Details

Paddler Ages 15+

Gain confidence on open waters in this continuation of our introductory sea kayaking course in Maine!

This course builds on the skills taught in Intro to Sea Kayaking Part I and teaches you about crucial resources and equipment that sea kayakers rely on while paddling the Maine coast. This course is only open to students who have completed the Part I course OR have taken a introductory kayaking lesson elsewhere. A major goal of this session will be to improve your overall control of your boat and efficiency of your strokes so that you’re better prepared when you encounter challenging conditions like strong winds or swift currents. This course will also dive deeper into the knowledge of the marine environment that essential for planning a trip on the Maine coast and minimizing risks. Your group will use a portion of the class to make a crossing on open waters to a nearby island, taking into account tides, currents and boat traffic. You’ll leave completely ready for the next course in our progression: The Kayak Rescue Clinic, which will teach you how to reenter your kayak after a capsize.

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