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Please complete this form at least two weeks before any multi-day kayak trip with Portland Paddle. Each member of your party must fill out the formIf you have additional information you’d like to provide feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 207-370-9730. All information you provide will be protected and used internally only.

General Information

To help us choose a kayak for you
To help us choose a kayak for you
Do you have preferred pronouns for when people refer to you?
Camping Gear Rental
We provide most camping gear at no cost for all our multi-day trip participants. You may rent sleeping bags and sleeping pads from us for a fee if you don't have your own. Click the box next to any additional camping gear you need from us.
Additional Paddling Gear
We provide all essential paddling gear (life jackets, paddles, etc). We also offer wetsuits, neoprene booties, additional dry bags, and drysuits for rent. Please check any items you would like for your trip.

Sea Kayaking Experience

(For example: "I'm with Jill and John Smith")


Please skip this section if we are not providing food for your trip.
Tell us about your dietary preferences or restrictions:
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Allergies, what you take in your coffee or tea, foods you hate, foods you love, other things you think we should know about.

Emergency Contact Information

We will only use this information in the event of an emergency.
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Medical Information

All information shared is confidential.
Do you have any allergies? If so, please list them below. Include allergies to medicines or drugs.
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Anything Else?

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